Steam Cleaning  $99.99 a min per job. Plus Tax
$31.00 a room Occupied / $62.00 a room Unoccupied/ Entry & Hallways $22.00
Bath/Laundry $17.00/ Protect $9-$27.00/ Deoderize $27.00
Additional for Heavy Clean $31.00 a room (Buffer Shampoo)
$62.00 a Stair Case
Area Rugs are cleaned by Lenth and width.min $100
Topical Pet Treatment $75.00 a room/Full Pet Treatment $150 a room (plus Pad,Stretch & Relay's)
Upholstery Cleaning starting at $79.99
Maid Service $47.50 a Hr (4hrs min,In Advance)
Service Charge will apply. (According to your County)
Kyle,TX  $12.50 SURROUNDING $25-$50
Portable Units (Less Fossil fuel and Better for our Air & the Environment.) 
Welcome to Interior Face Lifts. Rug,Carpet and Home Cleaning Services.  We offer a wide range of Carpet Cleaning and Home Cleaning services for catering to both residential and commercial clients. Our services are available on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Short, medium and long term arrangements are available depending on your budget and requirements.
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